Yes!! #1 in and

Today was a very special day. Today in the morning when I got up I got to know that my website ranking has reached 1 lakh 50 thousand. I was very shocked because yesterday it was under 1 lakh. Suddenly my father said that come and see it and I saw that my ranking actually is this. My reaction was very funny. I was not able to control my expression. So, after such a happy “Good morning” I was feeling very fresh.


Next, I started studying for my science Olympiad because I want to score good. I studied like for 1.5 or 2 hours, Then I did the best thing which is playing. I played and Yesterday I got my rank of #2 in and a score of around 7 thousand in But today I got the #1 rank in the first game and again #1 rank in the latter one. My total score in while in #1 rank was 43,779 pretty good. I ate 578 cells. If you want to know about this game click here.


In I killed 14 people and got 12 types of guns. Next, I also studied for some time.


And this can be the last diary because yesterday there were 12 users and today I do not know. My target was 30 users please help me to achieve it.


Till then :

Do whatever you want to do man