Vacations in Uttarakhand (Day Before the trip) – Let’s go!!!!

When I wake up I was full of excitement. I ate Toast as my breakfast. We went their through train as planes cannot go to a hilly area. The journey was of 5 to 6 hours. Actually the timing of the train was a bit bad. It was 6 am. I wake up at 4 am. We slept at 9 pm. When I waked up I was just having 1 hours to get ready. Like its a huge amount of time but it was a full family trip with 10 members. Me, my father, mother and brother got ready at 5 am. My father thought he must start booking the cab because it was not a appropiate time for good cab service. The cab arrived by 5 : 10am. But my aunt, uncle, grandpa and granny came at 5 : 15am. We reached the station by 5 : 20 am.

We sat in our seats and prepared ourselves for a 6 hours journey. Although it was not boring. We booked 9 seats. As, my brother was only 1.5 years old.

By the way the most annoying part of the journey was the packing of our clothes. We were so confused what to take with us. I left my packing work to my mother,

During the journey. Me, my aunt, my granny sat together. Just on our right My uncle, father and mother with brother was sitting together. My grandpa had to manage with 2 strangers. My other uncle and her daughter were sitting in a two seat line.

Right now I am writing this blog from our resort and would be writing about today’s day tom. Hope fully you would read the whole 7 days trip. We have planned to go to 4 different places and 4 different resorts. It my first trip in which I would change more than 2 hotels.


How would the hotel serve me?

How would the room be like?

Which 4 places and other places would I visit?

How would be the journey in the mountains be like?

Time would give the answer. Till then do whatever you want to do man. Just give 5 minutes for my blog.

Next blog positively on 6 : 30 pm tom.