Vacations in Uttarakhand (Day 2) – Now it’s good!!!!!

I was not able to write the blog because like actually I was very tired after the days so then I just like slept.

Ya, so day 2 was far better than day1. So we did a bunch of things in day 2 they are:

  1. Visit to a temple

We all went to a very famous temple. That temple was very tough to reach. The road to go there was so risky that I was very scared. After we reached the temple we bought some prasad and other stuff for the puja. Like, we were tired the whole way so we just sat on the benches. None of us even realized that our stuff (prasad) was taken away by the moneys of that areaa. Anyhow we did the work there and while returning to the resort my father gave a idea that. I (Not my father it me akshat) have never till now have not went to my village. Our village was a few kilometers away like 60 or 80 km. So, we would not go my village but my father said that we can go to the village of this area. At last a village is a village. My granny and grandpa told me about the life in the village and about the trees that grow here. It was a very dangeorus place too. It was in a valley which was very prone to landslides. I was scared. We even talked with the people of the village.


2. Long drive

We were then having like nothing to do so we thought to go for a long drive, Like 40 km.

We returned by 7 pm. Then we thought to see the city. We just went for a walk in the countryside. While coming back we lost our way. We opened the google map and we were saved. We returned by 8:30 pm. We thought having our dinner. We went to eat at 9 pm. While eating I ate Dosa, sambhar, shahi panner etc. We slept at 10 pm after watching Bigg boss.

Right now I am writing this blog from our resort and would be writing about today’s day tom. Hope fully you would read the whole 7 days trip. We have planned to go to 4 different places and 4 different resorts. It my first trip in which I would change more than 2 hotels. Time would give the answer. Till then do whatever you want to do man. Just give 5 minutes for my blog.