Vacations in Uttarakhand (Day 1) – Stop the trip now!!!!!

So, good morning, evening and afternoon whenever you are reading my blog. Yesterday I told you about the day before the trip. After that when the train reached the station then I got to know about the twist in the voyage. After a 6 hours journey in train we also have to do a 2 hour trip in a cab. While I was in the cab my heart was beating like a machine gun. We were just on the cliff hoping that we reach our destination safely. After 2 hours like this we reached our resort. I actually slept on the lawn of the resort It was a bit cozy indeed. After that we got to know about our room by the way my 1st of my 4 destination was Bawali. As I entered the room I was amazed. The room was huge and beautiful.

First we slept for 1 or 2 hours and then had our lunch. The food was amazing. They were having some traditional pahadi(region of the hills) dish also. By the way I am from Uttrakhand so it was a familiar dish for me. After eating I went again in the room. We booked 4 rooms by the way so it was a amazing thing. At 5 pm we all planned to go trekking in a hill. We climbed a hill. It was a very good time. We even took some snacks with us to eat.

We returned by 7 pm. Then we thought to see the city. We just went for a walk in the countryside. While coming back we lost our way. We opened the google map and we were saved. We returned by 8:30 pm. We thought having our dinner. We went to eat at 9 pm. While eating I ate Dosa, sambhar, shahi panner etc. We slept at 10 pm after watching Bigg boss.

For the day 2 we have planned the following:-

Day 2 also in Bawali but day 3 in Nanital.

Planning to go to a temple.

Planning to go for a long drive.

Sighting from the countryside.


Right now I am writing this blog from our resort and would be writing about today’s day tom. Hope fully you would read the whole 7 days trip. We have planned to go to 4 different places and 4 different resorts. It my first trip in which I would change more than 2 hotels. Time would give the answer. Till then do whatever you want to do man. Just give 5 minutes for my blog.