Top 4 games for easy gamers

If any one of you are not able to play games nicely and want a perfect game for you which is easy to play but amazing at the same time. This is the whole list below:-

1. Subway Surfer – It is a very famous game with 1 billion+ installs. It is very easy to play with only few types of movement. The game is not even complicated. The power up and the missions make the game more good. Their is a weekly competition in which you are given ranking compared to players are around the globe.

2. – It is a very simple game with only 3 controls. Mouse to move, “W” to shoot and “SPACE BAR” to diffuse. This includes killing other players and becoming the biggest and having a place in the leader board. The game also have viruses, skins, potions, mass boost, levels, XP, Team mode, FFA mode, Expiremental mode, Battle royale and party mode.

3. Jalebi – A Desi Word – It is a game that have a simple quiz on gk but actually not about it. G.k. like the G.k. kids like films, news, sports, games etc. You have name and find the word from the jumbled form of it.

4. PUBG – Hm…. everyone knows about this game. Nothing much just you need practice to be the conqueror.

The 4 videos of the game are:-

1. Subway surfer


3. Jalebi – A Desi Word