a complete guide for CBSE students A complete guide for CBSE students is what they say and what I believe. I have been the user of Mycbseguide,com since class 5th and my grades have increased immensely. I recommend this website to everyone who wants to increase there grades and be there teachers favorite.

History of

Started in 2009 by two brothers named Basant pandey and Vinod pandey. Basant pandey acted as the founder and the CEO of the company from the very beginning till date. Whereas Vinod pandey acted as the co-founder and the CTO of the company.

Stats of it

On 13th august 2018 it had the Alexa ranking of 1,173 in India and around 17 thousand in the globe. It has more than 50 lakh students and more than 2.5 million app install in the play store.

What they provide

myCBSEguide provide there students with :-

1. Revision notes

2. Homework help

3. Videos

4. Online test

5. NCERT solutions

6. Worksheets

7. Syllabus

8. Previous year Question papers

9. NCERT exemplar solutions

Why I prefer

I prefer because I have been it’s everyday user and is well-connected to it. It provides me many thing to study and revise. It also provides me with a huge amount of practice material. The online test are of very high level. The notes tells us about every topic in detail. The NCERT solutions and the NCERT exemplar solutions brushes up the topics. If any queries are left you can watch the videos provided. Do you still something is left you can check the Homework help. you require more practice you can solve the worksheets and yes they do have the solutions. If still some spark is left you can make your own test by the test generator.  It has more than 3 lakhs questions. Do you require some experience, you can check the previous year Question paper.

Chech class-9 CBSE computer Application Syllabus in

You thought it right basant pandey (CEO) and Vinod pandey (CFO) are my father and uncle respectively. This website is one of there creation which I use now. For more such creations of them you can check:


7. And of course