Ah! syllabus for next exam!!

(My diary (day 4) 1/9/2018 “Ah! syllabus for next exam!!)”Welcome back! Ya so today was a very special day because I got the syllabus for my next exams. Means not in the form of a proper datasheet but the teachers told it to me. Another funny moment of the day was that in science I got 26/30 but by mistake I said to my teacher that I got 27/30 ha ha. If you want to know about my marks in other subjects click here.

So, today I played another “io” game named zombsroyale.io. If you want to play this game click here. It’s a very interesting game like PUBG. I played many matches today but didn’t got the “Winner Winner Chicken Dinner” ya I placed #2 two times. In the other matches my ranking were #3, #5, #25, #4, #6 and many more.

Another special thing about today is that one of my friend is planning to join my coaching. It would be a good competition with him as he is in my class only. Another good but not that good thing is that I said my uncle that we would have a bet of a dairy milk. The condition is that we would see who’s Indian Alexa ranking is better on 1st January 2019. Alexa.com tells the ranking of all the websites in the world. Please support me and make me win. I started this diary because I thought that it would make my website famous. I would write another diary tomorrow and would check the users. If the users would be 35+ I would continue writing my diary otherwise I would choose some other topic to write a blog.

I would not tell you the name if my uncle’s website otherwise he may win. If you want to know the name so, lets be together and give me 50+ users in a day. I hope you would help me win and get a dairy milk too.