Gift for result

Ah so welcome back… Today was a very fine day. I got my gift for my result. As you may know that I got 100% in computer, if not click here. So, I got a pizza to eat. The best thing was that everyone else were eating simple homemade food. Another good thing of the day was that today was a holiday so I played a game named for 2:03:33 hours. Yes, I calculated the time in the stopwatch.


But, I also have to study for few hours that too linear equation from R.D. Sharma. Today was a holiday from my coaching too.

I played and got a score of 7556. If you want to know about this game click here. I was normally playing the game and suddenly someone teamed up with me and gave me all his points.


And the best thing today that because of you guys the ranking of my website reached under 1 lakh. To know it click here.

Ya, so today these are all the special things that happened today.

Wait, until tomorrow 9 pm.