Result bad or good

My diary (day 2) 29/9/2018 “Result bad or good” Okay.. Welcome back… Today was a very very very very wonderful day. As I told it you yesterday that today was my class 8 half yearly result. If you do not know that you can click here. By the by.. I got up in the morning with my pulse rate of 150bpm. Just I know what I was going through that time. I got ready and reached my school. Today there was a PTM and result of me as well as my brother.


As we reached our school we were shocked. There were at least 1000 parents lined up. Somehow we reached my classroom. There were 6 parents already sitting. We sat for half an hour there. As I saw my result I was like “_HOOOOOOOOOO_______”. I got 88%. I got 100% in computers. But 79% in mathematics. My parents asked my class teacher about my marks. She said that everyone has got bad marks in math, then I was fine. My overall result was better than the last time.


“Mark sheet lost” That’s what I said while sitting in the car. I kept the mark sheet on the top of the car and left it there. We traveled 2.22km back to the school to find my mark sheet. It was lost. I even went inside the school for asking the guards about the same. Then I returned home in a said face. Then just the right moment came. I got my mark sheet inside the car. I was very happy to see it.


Ya by the way. My brother’s teacher said that he is very talkative and only talks the whole day and doesn’t studies. I was very shocked but happy at the same moment.


When I returned home I went to my coaching and then played for a while. Then I started writing my this 311 words blog.


To see my actual mark sheet click here.