No studies in school

(Diary of a Indian kid)Today was a very exciting day. I waked up as usual in the morning at 6 am. While catching up with the school time I got a bit late but still in time. In school today our class teacher was absent. You must know that what happens in the class without a teacher. Although we had the co-class teacher in the room but she was busy preparing for our half-yearly result. Everyone changed their seats “Me too”. The first two periods were amazing just talking and having fun.


After that it was the most unwanted period of the day “Mathematics”. We just studied and studied that to “ALGEBRA”. OMG!!!!. I was thinking that we are getting punished for what we did in the first two periods. Anyways the period got over. Next, in the Hindi period “I was quite good”. Then the best part of the day “The BREAK”. Now, time to dance. Yes, we are probably having our annual day in November. We go to the ground to learn the steps. Like 2 periods just dancing and dancing.


Then, the English period was very interesting. The science period was also good.


When I reached my home I got to know that my brother’s teacher said that he is very takative and does not studies. He disturb other children also. Okay till here it’s fine. But he is 3 years old dude. OMG!!!!!!!!!. 3 years old and taking and disturbing the whole class.


Then I went to my coaching. I came home played “AGAR.IO” and started writing this diary.


By the way, now the most serious thing.

I have my term-1 result tomorrow. Please pray for me to get a good result.


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