How to prepare for exams

There are many ways to study to be a topper. But as a student what I feel the correct answer for How to prepare for exams is:-

1. Do not depend on your notebook, study from the book also. You must make notes of the chapter you are studying because this is the only way to revise properly before exam. For example if 12 chapters are coming in your social studies exam you cannot read all the 12 chapters in such a small span of time. But you can read the notes of the chapter. Studying from the book makes everything easy. The teacher would never give same questions if they are already in the notebook. This makes the exam easy. The teacher would give questions from between the books so you must study from the book.

2. Give online test or ask your parents to make one. Giving test and sample papers make you comfortable with the paper’s pattern. It also provides you with a variety of questions and these questions can be given in the exams by the teacher. You must study from as many books as you can. This makes you comfortable with the variety and the twisted questions your teacher can give.

3. Study by watching videos. Yes, that is right the thing you see is remembered more than what you read. If the video have good graphics it is the best.

4. Watch TELEVISION and play games , online games do everything what you like on the net but for 1.5 or 2 hours a day only. This would make you feel fresh and your mind would be ready for the next slot of study. Keep in mind that you must study for 5 to 6 hours also if their are boards otherwise 2 to 3 hours are enough.

5. Make a proper time table. Yes I know that it cannot be followed everyday but try your best. If needed you can interchange your playing time with studies. Just kidding don’t do that it’s a pure chance of luck.