How to be a pro player in

Objective :

The objective of the game is to just kill everyone else excluding your squad member. Their are 100 player in every game which fight with each other. Their are many weapons and other extras.

How to win :-

Step – 1 (How to start)

Just do the loot and pick up the best weapon you can find. Take care of one more thing that you can’t have all the sniper or all the bombs kind of things. Like take a variety of weapons and keep on picking up ammo. Take variety accordingly. Like there are 6 main situations :-

  1. Close fight

Do not use bombs, grenades, RPG and missiles. Use weapons with a fast reloading speed. Do not use sniper.

  1. Distance fight

Use sniper with long range. Reload time must be average. You can use missiles and explosives.

  1. You are inside a house other one is outside

Stay in a room. Keep a normal average gun with you. Stay covered. Attack him with needed to scare him.

  1. You are outside and other one is inside the house

Throw a grenade or other explosive inside the house to decrease the health of other player. Then attack him as you have more health. Then use medi kit and bandages to get back your health.

  1. You have less health but other has more

Stay covered. Play safe and go inside a house use medi kit and bandages.

  1. You have nothing to fight

Tackle the other ammo and punch the guy.

Step – 2 (How to go to top 20)

Land in a place where no one is landing. This decreases the chance of your death. Wait in a lonely place and keep on picking weapons.


Step – 3 (How to #1)

Play safe and kill other people