How to be a Pro player in PUBG mobile

How to be a Pro player in PUBG mobile is very easy. There are few points you must follow to be a Pro player. It’s not always that you must know how to use weapons properly you can be a Pro easily. The points are :-

  1. Never spend time on open areas. This can be very dangerous as there must be some player who is showing off his sniper skills out there. In a open area if a squad suddenly attacked you, you cannot save yourself because there is no place to hide. Do not stay on common places like the hospital etc. Find a new place where you can hide properly. Look out for grenades.
  2. Choose guns wisely. You must have one sniper and one fully automatic gun because only doing snipping is not possible. To kill someone very far away from you, you would also be requiring a sniper. Do not loot in the last circle as this can be not good and you can die because while doing the loot more than 80% of your screen is covered.
  3. Choose your outfit wisely. Do not choose a shiny outfit with red, orange and yellow color. This can be visible from a good distance. Choose a dull dress.
  4. Do not stay in one position confuse your opponent.

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