Drawing Polygons and Circle in LOGO


ARC 360 100

Change 100 to any other value to make bigger or smaller circle.

Triangle [3 sides]

Repeat 3 [FD 100 RT 120]

Square [4 sides]

Repeat 4 [FD 100 RT 90]

Pentagon [5 sides]

Repeat 5 [FD RT 72]

Hexagon [6 sides]

Repeat 6[FD 100 RT 60]

Septagon [7 sides]

Repeat 7 [FD 100 RT 51]

Octagon [8 sides]

Repeat 8 [FD 100 RT 45]

The simple formula to draw polygon with any number of sides is:

Divide 360 by desired number of sides, you will get RT.

For example, if you want to draw a polygon with 24 sides, just divide 360 by 24. You will get 15 as RT. Your formula will be as below:

Repeat 24 [FD 100 RT 15]

Here FD is the length of side in pixels. You may take any positive value for FD. For making bigger polygon, take higher FD and if you wish to draw smaller polygon, take smaller value of FD